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Carr Lane Catalog

Tooling components & Drill bushings



Taps, Drills, Endmills



Indexable Carbide Milling Inserts,Endmills & Milling Cutters


Internal Tool Inc.

Carbide round tools


Keo Cutters

Hss,Cobalt & Carbide Counter Sinks,Center Drills, Spotting & Center Drills & Keyseat Cutters



Indexable Carbide End Mills,Drills,Milling Cutters & Lathe Tools


Lexington Cutter, Inc.

Carbide tipped drills, end mills, reamers & milling cutters


Lyndex Nikken

CT,BT,HSK,NMTB Standard & Collet Type Tool Holders


Melin Tool Company

Cobalt & Carbide End Mills,Drills & Counter Sinks




Carbide Threading and Grooving

Niagara Cutter

Carbide,Cobalt,& Hss end mills & milling cutters


Norton Abrasives

Bonded, Coated & Super abrasives


Precision Dormer

Hss & Carbide Drills, End Mills & Hss Taps,Dies , Reamers & High Performance Tooling


Reiff & Nestor Company

High Speed Production Taps



Rustlick High Performance Metalworking Fluids


Seco - North America

Indexable Carbide End MILLS , Drills, Milling Cutters, Lathe Tools & High Performance Tooling


Swiss Precision

Precision Measuring Tools, Shop Tools , Cutting Tools & Abrasives



Precision Measuring Tools , Hand Tools & Band Saw Blades

THINBIT by Kaiser Tool Company, Inc. 
THINBIT by Kaiser Tool Company Inc.

Tool Flo

Indexable Cardide Threading & Grooving Tools


Viking Drill

Hss & Cobalt Drills , Taps , Dies & Annular Cutters



Standard & High Performance Hss & Carbide Drills , End Mills & Spade Drill Holders & Blades